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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Advanced Power Electronics
and Electric Drives Laboratory

Welcome to the Website of the Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives Laboratory.

The Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Drives Lab is part of the Center for Clean Energy Engineering and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Connecticut.

The main research focus is on power electronics applications in electric motor drives, renewable energy systems, micro-grids, and the smart grid. Electric drives investigated cover a wide range of applications including plug-in, hybrid, and electric vehicles, and electric propulsion. Renewable energy integration is mainly focused on solar photovoltaics but covers several other areas. Efficiency, control, optimization, reliability,and real-time operation of most power electronic systems are of main interest.

The lab has a very dynamic environment with several active research projects. New equipment is already up and running for various experiments.

Talented students interested in power electronics, especially electric drives and solar photovoltaic energy conversion are welcome. Funding is very competitve if available. Self- or govenrment-funded students with research skills and established academic performance are highly encouraged to apply.

P.S.- The lab acronym "APEDL" is pronounced with a silent E, just A-P-D-L!


Prof. Ali Bazzi
University of Connecticut
Electrical and Computer Engineering
371 Fairfield Way; U-4157
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4157 USA
E-mail: bazzi(@)